F400 2018
Start time: Friday 9. February 20:00
Last update: 12. February 2018
1. oktober 18:47
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141. Bent Oostendorp Slussfors Rank: 24

Country: The Netherlands


Profession: Guide, handler and cutting down little trees

Sleddogclub: Annen / Other

Nr of years with mushing: 6

Kennel name: Petter Karlsson Sleddogs

Breed: Alaskan Huskies

Number of dogs in kennel: 100

Family members: Holly, and a whole bunch below sea level.

Hobbies: Saab 9000

Local newspapers: Västerbottens-Kuriren

Sponsors: Angela and Petter Karlsson

Experiences with long distance sleddog racing:
Race/ year/ results - inclusive nr of times finished Femundløpet:

Metsjövidda Fjäll Race 2017
Beaver Trap Trail 2017

Why long distance/ Femundløpet:
To find out how much I've learned.

Goal for this years race:
Top 20, but not much higher then 19th.

Special dogs in Femundløpet-team:
They are all special!.. and most will probably lead in one way or another. I just don't know which dogs I'll be running :)