F400 2014
Start time: Saturday 1. February 11:00
Last update: 4. February 2014
3. desember 20:55
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175. Michael Kirchner Repke Rank: 44

Address: Lingwedelerweg 2, 29386 Gifhorn

Country: Germany

Phone: 004958329794355



Profession: Altenpfleger

Sleddogclub: Annen / Other

Nr of years with mushing: ca. 16

Kennel name: run with the wolves

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Number of dogs in kennel: 12

Family members:
its my wife, we have two sons, jannik and elias

Hobbies: no time now

Local newspapers: Gifhorner Allgemeine

Experiences with long distance sleddog racing:
Race/ year/ results - inclusive nr of times finished Femundløpet:

Amundsen, Femundlöpet,

Why long distance/ Femundløpet: what else

Goal for this years race: aah, come in

Special dogs in Femundløpet-team: all of them