The handler together with the musher constitutes a 'team' and the handler has an important role as an external 'ambassador' for the Femund Race.

Even though the 'team's compete, the handlers have a large responsibility for taking care of the uniquely good social environment and atmosphere that characterise the long distance sled dog racing sport. Fierce competition and tactics during the race is fully possible to reconcile with showing a fair play attitude and demonstrating good sports spirit between handlers and mushers.

A handler should know the rules, and in particular those sections concerning what the handler is allowed to help the musher with and what not. The musher is responsible for the team following the rules.

It is important that the handlers participate at the musher's meeting prior to the competition and at the evaluation meeting after the race.

The organisers have put a lot of work into providing security for the mushers. Unfortunately we have no way of doing this for the handlers who drive their cars between checkpoints. Show awareness when at the steering wheel, and be two people in the car if possible. There is a high risk of elk on the road in this district. Make sure you get some sleep along the way. You will have plenty of time before the musher arrives at the next checkpoint. 

The Femundløpet wish to be perceived as friendly and positive ambassadors of the sled dog sport, and we hope that all handlers and mushers will help us achieve that.

With this we welcome all handlers to the Femund Race, and good luck with your job!