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Røros (start and finish of Fjr/F400/F600)

Head of checkpoint: Wolfgang Wagenbach
Organiser of check point: Local volunteers

There are no sleeping facilities provided for the participants in Røros. You will find a list of recommended accomodation here or you can also contact the Røros tourist office

Race headquarters / café: 
The Kaffestuggu café will serve as the race headquarters for the Femundløpet under the race. Here you will find the secretariat, Femundløpet shop, information on the race and you can buy food and drink. Kaffestuggu will have opening hours adapted to the race. Credit cards accepted.

Opening hours of the secretariat:
To be defined

Start and finish line: 
The start and finish line for the Fjr/F400/F600 will be the centre of Røros. 

Shops available in the area: 
There is a large variety of grocery shops, sports shops and other shops in Røros. 

Nearest petrol station: 
Statoil and Esso

GPS koordinates Røros checkpoint (Kaffestuggu): 62.575349N, 11.385504E 


Tufsingdalen (Fjr/F400/F600)

Information about the check point: A well-organised check point with all facilities any musher and handler can desire.

Head of check point: Odd Stiksjø
Organiser of check point: Tufsingdalen community center

Sleeping hall for mushers and handlers at the checkpoint (free of charge).

The checkpoint cafe sells lunch/dinner and various sausages with relish, hamburgers, mineral water, (Norwegian) waffles, coffee and cakes. Cash payment only.

Shops available in the area:
Kopparledens Landhandel/grocery store. Opening hours 09.00 - 17.00 weekdays, 09.00 - 15.00 Saturday. About 700 metres from the checkpoint.

Nearest petrol station:
Tufsingdalen bensin og diesel/petrol station. NB: Payment by card only! Located right next to Kopparledens Landhandel

Opening hours of checkpoint:
To be defined

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
Røros start to Tufsingdalen: Take RV30 soutwards out from Røros (past the Statoil petrol station). 11km after the petrol station take a left onto road RV28 eastwards from Os for about 37 km. The chechpoint is on the left hand side of the road and is easy to find. NB: High elk density in the area and on the roads. Beware of elk!
Total distance ca. 48km

GPS koordinates Tufsingdalen checkpoint: 62.280182N, 11.738756E

Drevsjø (F400/F600)

Information about the checkpoint: The check point has a speaker and a big screen with race information at the local community hall. The checkpoint is located in the area near the community hall and the ski arena. The community hall will be open 24 hrs and there will be entertainment, Lavvopark with exhibitors, ice sculptures, fireplaces and movies.

Head of checkpoint: Terje Stolt
Organiser of checkpoint: Drevsjø og Omegn Vel/Engerdal Sportsklubb

Sleeping hall for the mushers, heated tent for the handlers (free of charge). 

Other accommodation:
Drevsjø Camping: (+47) 62 45 92 03
Femundtunet tlf: (+47) 62 45 90 66 – advance bookings only

The community hall cafe offers hot food and soft drinks. It also provides showering opportunities, to be paid for at the counter. the checkpoint accepts debit cards but no credit cards. 

Shops available in the area: 
Joker Drevsjø grocery store. Located appr. 100 metres from the community hall. 

Nearest petrol station: 
Fredheim petrol station, payment by card. Lies about 700 metres down the road towards Sweden.  

Supporters of Drevsjø checkpoint are: 
Østlendingen, ByggBua AS, Gløtvold Handel, Engerdal Østfjell AS, Statskog, Engerdal Elektro AS, Engerdal Fjellstyre, Engerdal Kommune, Eggen Grafisk, Femund Naturfoto, Svorka og Norgeshus v/ Femund Bygg.

Opening hours of checkpoint:
The Checkpoint is open around the clock from Friday to Sunday til about 18:00.

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
Tufsingdalen checkpoint to Drevsjø checkpoint: Drive southward on RV28 for about 24.5km. Then take a left onto RV26 and follow this road for about 41km until Drevsjø. From here you will find the checkpoint well marked in the centre of Drevsjø. Beware of Elk!
Total distance is about 65.5km

GPS coordinates of Drevsjø checkpoint: 61.890906N, 12.033327E


Søvollen (F400/F600) 

Checkpoint Information:
Checkpoint Søvollen lies in the northern part of Rendalen municipality. On the way from Unsetgrenda up to the high mountains you will find Søvollen. The place is owned and run by Romenstad Cabin and Farm Holiday centre. Søvollen is as close as you'll get to a wilderness checkpoint during the Femund Race. Log timber walls and peat on the roof and no built-in electricity. In spite of this and thanks to tremendous volunteer efforts, the Søvollen check point is a cosy place to arrive at, and full of atmosphere. The hosts provide good catering around the clock for the period the Femund Race participants are here. In addition there will be horse-sleigh rides and speaker service.

Head of checkpoint: Robert Bekkevold
Organiser of checkpoint: Ole Karl Romenstad and local volunteers
Simple sleeping hall for mushers (free of charge).
There are 50 beds for rent. It is advisable to book early in order to secure a bed.
Please contact Romenstad Cabin and Farm Holiday centre at or via telephone (+47) 916 37 475.

Hot and cold food, coffee and cakes are available. Elk meat is a local specialty and is highly recommended! 

Parking for handlers and the public is located about 300 m south from the check point. It may be wise to bring something to transport depot bags this distance, such as e.g. plastic sleds. 

Opening hours of checkpoint:
Sjekkpunktet er døgnkontinuerlig bemannet fra fredag 31. til søndag 2. februar ca. kl. 18:00. 

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
Follow RV26 about 16 km back towards Tufsingdalen. Turn left onto RV217. Follow this road for about 47km to Åkrestrømmen. Here you'll find a petrol station, grocery store, cash point etc. Continue along RV217, over the bridge, then turn right onto RV30. Follow RV30 northwards for about 28km. Petrol station and grocery store at Otnes and in Øvre Rendalen(Bergset). Turn right towards Unset and Brydalen. Drive for about 6km to signs indicating 'Søvollen'. Turn right and follow the road to Søvollen check point, about 6 km. NB: There is a road tax of NOK 50,- so bring cash!
Total distance: About 103km

GPS coordinates of Søvollen checkpoint: 62.001932N, 11.169785E

Tynset (F400/F600)

Information about the checkpoint:
The checkpoint has a speaker and a wide screen with race information. In addition there will be music, entertainement and aktivities for the public. The checkpoint is situated in the area around the Shooting Club House (shooting range and fields). The resting area for dogs is protected from wind and weather. Short way from parking space to the arena. Public have the possibility to follow the teams the last km into the checkpoint. The first F600 teams are expected on Saturday afternoon and throughout the night. On Sunday both F400 and F600 participants will arrive at/pass the checkpoint.

Head of checkpoint: Stein Kaasin
Checkpoint organisers: Cooperation between Tynset Shooting Club, Tynset Hunting and Fishing Association and Tynset Choir.

There is a large sound proof sleeping hall for mushers and handlers with matresses (free of charge).

Other accommodation:
Tynset Camping: Tel: +47 62 48 03 11. E-mail: 
Tynset Hotell: Tel: +47 62 48 06 00. E-mail: 
Fåsetbru Camping. Address: Fåsetbru. Tel. +47 62 48 08 52. 


The checkpoint café at the Shooting Club House will sell hot and cold food, mineral water, coffee and cakes around the clock. There are showers available and use thereof is payable at the café. There is bank terminal for debit cards (not credit cards).

Press center: 
There is work space for the press at the main house of the shooting range.

Shops in vicinity: 
There is a large choice of shops and cash points in Tynset town centre, about 3.5 km from the Shooting Club House.

Nearest petrol station: 
24h service in Tynset town centre (3.5 km): Statoil, UnoX and Max.

Opening hours of checkpoint:
To be defined

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
From checkpoint Søvollen to checkpoint Tynset: Follow the toll road back to Unset, 12 km. From Unset there are two alternative routes:

Alt. 1: This road is shorter measured in km, but slightly narrower. Follow the road signposted Brydal through Brydal towards Tynset for 42 km. Turn right at the first crossing, immediately before Tynset town centre, and follow the Parkveien street northwards towards Tolga for 2.5 km. From the Parkveien street there will be signposts towards the checkpoint, which lies about 150 m from the main road.
Total distance is about 57 km.

Alt. 2: Drive towards Elvål, 5.8 km. Turn right and follow the Rv 30 road northwards for 46.7km to Tynset town centre. Take right in the first roundabout and follow the Parkveien road for 3.6km northwards, towards Tolga, to checkpoint Tynset. The checkpoint will be clearly signposted and marked from Tynset town centre.
Total distance is about 68 km.

GPS coordinates Tynset checkpoint: 62.288205N, 10.842984E

Grimsbu (F600) 

Information on the checkpoint:
A well-organised check point with all facilities any musher and handler can desire and also accessible and interessting to the general public.

Head of checkpoint: Jan Carlo Antonsen
Organiser of check point: Grimsbu Turistsenter and local volunteers

The check point offers:

  • Accommodation in rooms, cabins and sleeping halls.
  • Catering. Dinner buffet with a variety of choices, grilled food in the cafeteria and mini grocery available.
  • Large drying room for drying clothes etc.
  • TV transmission from the staging area/check point
  • Speaker service with information from the trail and pre-warning prior to teams arriving
  • Internet zone
  • Guest kitchen
  • Sanitary facilities/toilets and showers

Sleeping hall for the participants (free of charge)

Other accomodation:
Roms and cabins for rent from the Grimsbu Turistsenter. 
Phone:  (+47) 62 49 35 29 or 91 57 41 34
E-mail: Web site:

Shops available in the area:
Minishop at the Grimsbu Turistsenter. Various shops in Folldal, 11 km from the checkpoint.

Nearest petrol station:
Best petrol station in Folldal 11 km from the checkpoint.

Opening hours of checkpoint:
To be defined

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
Tynset checkpoint to Grimsbu checkpoint: Go though Tynset centre and take road E3 in a southward direction and after about 21km take a left onto RV29. Take this road for 29km til Grimsbu. The checkpoint is at the Grimsbu Turistsenter on the right hand side of the road and is well visible.
Total distance: about 50km

GPS coordinates of Grimsbu checkpoint:  62.155221N, 10.171273E

Tolga (Fjr/F400/F600) 

Head of checkpoint: Heidi Øyen
In Charge of Sætershallen: Jan Tollan, Maren Riise, Peder Langøien, Kristin Kaasen og Åge Magnar 
Organisers of check point: Local volunteers run the check point each year. 

Facilities in the Sætershallen hall:

  • Changing rooms with drying facilities and shower
  • Excellent view from the cafe over the whole area, including overview over the arrival and departure of competing mushers
  • Wide-screen TV with race updates
  • Catering; Dinner – “Tolgaskav” and pizza, breakfast/oatmeal porridge, coffee, waffles and various snacks
  • Free 3-course dinner and accomodation for the first Femund junior musher and the first F400/F600 musher to take the 8 hrs rest stop. Dinner is served by the Major of Tolga
  • Checkpoint host and speaker
  • The café accepts credit cards
  • Possibility for charging mobile phones and headlamps
  • Press room
  • NEW: Vår will offer massages on Sunday and Monday. 60min kr. 500,- or 30min kr. 350,-. Call 99 32 74 96 as soon as you arrive at the checkpoint.

Separate sleeping hall at the checkpoint (free of charge).

Other accomodation:
Internatet at Sætershallen/checkpoint, (located right next to the checkpoint).  Rooms can be ordered from Heidi Øyen phone: (+47) 48 09 27 99
Vingelsgård Gjestegiveri, Vingelen, phone: (+47) 62 49 48 20 Mobile: (+47) 901 90 679 e-mail:
Malmplassen, Tolga. For information and bookings, phone: 62 49 63 05 

ATM/cash point:
Tolga-Os sparebank in the centre of Tolga.

Nearest grocery shops: 
In Tolga centre: Coop marked, opening hours 9-21 (18 on Sat)

Nearest petrol station:
In Tolga centre: YX, opening hours 8-20 (9-20Sat, 10-20Sun). CALTEX coffee/catering

Opening hours of checkpoint:
Open 24 hours a day from Saturday 1st February to midnight on Tuesday 4th February.

Supporters of Tolga checkpoint: 
Tolga Eiendom, Tolga kommune, Tolga-Os sparebank og TOS/ASVO AS

Driving instructions for public and handlers:
From Tynset checkpoint to Tolga checkpoint: Drive through Tynset centre and follow the road RV30 in a northerly direction towards Tolga. After 21km (in Tolga centre) take a right onto RV26. Follow this road through the centre and over the train tracks. 550m after the rail crossing take a right onto Gamle Hodalsvei. Drive about 600m and you will see the checkpoint on the left hand side. The checkpoint is well marked. Total distance about 23km.

GPS coordinates of Tolga checkpoint:  62.405243N, 11.000999E