The awards will be continually updated. (Last updated: 26.01.2014)

All who complete the race are awarded the Femund Race's diploma for their class. 
F400/F600: Diploma for finishing the race: 5-10-15-20 years in the same class (upon request).

All who complete the Femund race as rookies will receive an "finisher" patch. 

First prize F600: Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI EU-Traktor.
This ATV comes with standard 4 wheel drive, 499cc, hydraulic brakes, automatic gear shift system and IRS suspension for a smooth ride.


First prize F400: BEWE Alpi 2 sled
Constructed to the personal wishes of the driver. In addition the sled will also be equipped with accessories as desired by the winner such as sled bag, handlebar bag, chain brake system etc.

In addition F400 and F600 participants will receive cash prizes and  prizes donated by Appetitt, BEWE sleds, Protex, Widerøe, Troll mushing and Villmark & Fridit. 



Femund junior
The junior participants will receive prizes donated by Appetitt, BEWE sled, Fjellreven, Widerøe, Villmark & Fritid, Troll mushing and Protex.


Awards along the trail
While on trail there are various prizes that will be distributed by the various checkpoints:

F600/F400: "Best Dog Care Award"

This award will be awarded to a top 15 musher in the F600 or F400 class and is based on specific criteria to determine who has demonstrated outstanding dog care throughout the race while remaining competitive.
Prize: Appetitt Extreme dog food

Criteria for selection:

  1. Good condition and no wounds etc. prior to race start.
  2. Good checkpoint routine.
  3. Run the dogs according to their abilities and fitness level - race strategy must be adapted to the dogs.
  4. Treat dogs with kindness and respect - also other people's dogs.
  5. Take out the dogs that should be dropped - do not run with lame dogs and not push dogs who are too tired.
  6. Condition of the team at the finish line.
  7. Finish among the top 15.

If veterinarians have the time and possibility, the nominees for the award will be asked to attend a post-vet-check on Monday after the race with all the dogs in the team, including those dropped during the race. The musher who then has the team in best condition has performed his task best.

F600 / F400 Rookie of the Year
This prize is awarded to the first F400 and first F600 rookie to cross the finish line.
Prize: BEWE stainless steel snow hook with inscription.

Golden harness award
This prize is awarded to a dog who distinguishes himself by his extraordinary athletic abilities, his leadership qualities or any other reason that makes this dog a truly fantastic sleddog. The prize is awarded to a dog in a top 10 team of F600, F400 or Femund junior.
Mushers may suggest candidates at the evaluation meeting. The "Golden Harness Committee" consisting of the Race Marshal, chief vet and Sporting Committee will then take a vote.
Prize: Golden harness by BEWE sleds

Sportsmanship award
The sportsmanship award is given to a musher who demonstrates true sportsmanship through a selfless deed during the race. The musher is suggested and voted on by fellow mushers at the evaluation meeting.
Prize: A pair of limited edition Femundlabben by PROTEX

Volunteer of the year
Femundløpets most dedicated volunteer receives a personalised prize. Propositions for candidates may be brought forward by anyone and should be sent to by 31 January 2013. The Femundløpet board will then take a vote on suggested candidates.

All veterinarians will receive a diploma for participation and for providing excellent care to the dogs during the race.

Best checkpoint
The checkpoint that excels by being well organised, providing all services needed and entertainment for the public may receive a prize.
Mushers and handlers may cast their vote at the evaluation meeting.


All prizes must be collected in person at the prize ceremony.  If a musher is not able to collect his/her prize he may delegate another person. Prizes not collected become property of the race.