The following races are approved as qualifiers for rookies. If you have fullfiled one of these races (for F400 no longer then 3 years ago) you are qualified to participate in the Femundløpet 2014. Remember to send us the results list of the race. 


Qualifyer races for F600 and F400:

Amundsen Mid Scandinavian Sled Dog Race (8-dog and 12-dog class), Finnmarksløpet 500km and Finnmarksløpet 1000km, Iditarod, Le Throphee Grand Odyssee Mont Blanc 760km, Yukon Quest 300miles og Yukon Quest 1000miles.


Qualifier races for F400 and 2. part of the rookie course:

Gausdal Maraton 200km (halfmarathon is not a qualifier), Gruveløpet 160km, Hallingløpet 160km (40km and 80km races are not qualifiers), Hakadal Sledehundklubb race 260km, Eastpoint Open 300km , Le Trophee Grande Odyssee 180km and Le Trophee Haute Maurienne 170km, Mush Synfiell 200km, Polardistans 160km and 300km, Sedivackuv Long 222km, Skaunaløpet 140km, Vikerfjelløpet 130km (junior and senior class) Vildmarksracet 120km.


To qualify for the Femund Junior you have to take part in a rookie course approved by the Femund Trekkhundklubb.

If you wish to use a race not listed above as you qualfier you have to send a request. This can be done by sending an e-mail to sekretariat@femundlopet.no. Remember to send us the name of the race, a description and contact details of the organiser.