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108. Christian Moser (54)    

Race:   F400 2018 (Rookie)

Prev. entries:   F400-18/55   F400-17/dnf  

Address: Schwelli 10, 3624 Goldiwil

Country: Switzerland

Phone: 079 271 11 10

E-mail: c.moser@csd.ch

Homepage: www.roughtrails.jimdo.comwww.roughtrails.jimdo.com

Profession: Mech.Engineer

Sleddogclub: Annen / Other

Nr of years with mushing: 25

Kennel name: Rough Trails

Breed: Alaskan Husky

Number of dogs in kennel: 16

Family members: Gaby

Hobbies: Dogs, Hike, Mountain Bike

Local newspapers: Thuner Tagblatt

Sponsors: Huskypower's Shop

Experiences with long distance sleddog racing:
Race/ year/ results - inclusive nr of times finished Femundløpet:

Femundlopet 400 2017 (scratched), Vildmarksracet 2017, La Grande Odyssée 2016, Innerkrems Longtrail 2016 and 2015, Bernau Middistance 2015, Trophée 4Pat 2015, Transalp Vaudoise 2013, Alpentrail 2013 and 2012, Wildkogel Longtrail 2009

Why long distance/ Femundløpet:
Great adventure in great landscape with great dogs

Goal for this years race: Finish with happy dogs

Special dogs in Femundløpet-team: 8 littermates