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25. Catherine Mathis-Fontaine (63)    

Race:   F600 2018 (Veteran)

Prev. entries:   F600-18/dnf   F400-17/55   F400-16/28   F400-13/50   F600-12/dnf   F400-11/54   F600-10/31   F400-09/51  

Adresse: impasse des vallées, 24, 37190 37190

Land: France

Telefon: +33670797506

E-post: catherine.fontaine@yahoo.fr

Hjemmeside: www.dufur.frwww.dufur.fr

Yrke: manager

Trekkhundklubb: Annen / Other

Antall år med hundekjøring: 28

Kennel navn: du Fur Rendez Vous

Hunderase: Siberian Huskies

Ant. hunder: 20

my beloved husband, Thierry, in my heart for ever; my grand daughter Nolwenn, who is my biggest fan; my mum 87,a big fan too; the Fontaine's family; and all my very best friends who are my true family.

Hobbyer: gardening, my dogs, traveling all around the world

Lokalaviser: La nouvelle République

Element, Royal Canin, Manmat, Clinique Vétérinaire Saint Mesmin.

Langdistanse erfaringer:
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Femundløpet:

emund 400 2016,2013,2011,2009,
Femund 600 2010,
FL500 2015 2nd NB.
Polardistans300 2017 Bronze medal Wch,201 European Champion; 2012, 2010,2009.
Amundsenrace 2010, Gausdal 2011, LGO 2007,2008,

Hvorfor langdistanse / Femundløpet:
to be alone with my dogs far from my job.
And I really love the start and especially the finish in Roros ;-)

Målsettinger for årets løp:
Doing my best, and have a lot of fun with my doggies, and finish with a happy team.

Spesielle hunder i Femundløp-spannet:
Cobra, Surge, Rosa, Lynette are main leaders and the strongest wheeldogs I never had Melman and Diego,and many youg dogs in this team.