Summary from tonights awards

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller         Publish date: 04.02.14 23:26

There where many awards this evening. Of ourse frequented the premiums to all winners in every class, but here we put together a couple of awards, which have been handed out too.

Best dog care:

Arnt Ola Skjerve, Nina Skramstad and Sigrid Ekran, all three of them have been named as ecxeptional good example for dog care. But Sigrid convinced the most and went home with the award. It also has to be mentioned, that all veterinarians got a certificate as appreciation for all the work for the dog in this years race.

Beste Rookie:
Kristoffer Halvorsen (F400)

Marianne Skjøthaug (F600)

Best sportsmanship:
Morten Paulsen (F400)

Oda Mortensen Ingstad (FJr)

Both Morten and Oda presented a good sportsmanship with helping other competitors, which were struggling with a parked team on the trail. The Femundløpet maintains a culture to help each other in order of someone is having problems on the trail, and both of them where acting as good examples!

Best leaddog:
Oda Mortensen Ingstad from the junior class. Unfortunatly she was not present to receive the price: "The Golde Harness" from BEWE.

Best check point:

Inter alia could children sitt in the sleds at the check point in Tynset.

Accomplished 25 of 25 races:
Robert Sørlie