Good sequel for the last teams at the check points

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Stepan Hon     Publish date: 04.02.14 10:22

It´s not long to go until the last teams are leafing the check point in Tynset and start their journey towards Tolga and the finish at Røros. At the check points, there are still volunteers and veteranians busy to take care about mushers and dogs. We had a chat with Petter Swift about the last updates from the trail.

- We have a good and well functioning safety team taking care about the last teams at the check points, says GPS responsibel Petter Swift. He gives roses to all the volunteers, who are working arownd the clock to make sure, that mushers and dogs have a good time.

The manager of the veteranians, Annette Killer, declares that there are still 6-8 doctors available and responsable for the last teams, to insure a good follo-up while the tour goas towards Røros.

Enough energy for the GPS 

Swift clarifies, that the last teams still have 45 procent power left on the GPS, what makes it possible to follow them all the way to the end of the race through tracking. At Fylkesvei 28 and Skistuggu just befor Røros, there will be sent a signal, when a team passses. These updates may be seen by cklicking on "lists" at the tracking webside.

Good culture for long distance

Every of the last teams is good in time to manage to succeed the time limit at midnight in Tolga. Swift says, the last two teams from the F600 (Morten Pøhner and Nora Själin) are leaving Tynset soon. 

- Morten and Nora had a good team work to make it there. Morten had a parked team on the trail, and Nora helped him to get futher. They decided to mush together and help each other on their way to the finish, tell us Swift and adds, that this is good culture of long distance mushing to help one an other if needed.

Roses to the voluneers

Swift finishes with pointing out all the volunteers and the entire safty team who still are working hard at the last check points.

- They are perform an unbelievable good and important work for the race and the sport, he says with a smile in his voice.