F600: The ten first finishing during last evening and night

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Geir Sørmoen/Synne Åkre     Publish date: 04.02.14 10:32

Sigrid Ekran fortified the fourth placement

For a while it looked like Sigrid Ekran would manage to catch up with one of the three in fron of her and climb a place on the pedestal. But Sigrid enden up with a fourth place exactly a halv an hour behind Arnt Ola Skjerve. The order of the four first mushers was unchanged at all checkpoints all the way after they left  the Folldals round.

Nina Skramstad with a new best placement 

After a seventh place last year, Nina Skramstad managed this year to climb up one place unto the fifth. She was the first musher out Røros and was hight up on the list during the entire race. With a yellwo sled and a yellow jacket she was shining in the arrays front. We know that she likes to get over the finish line as number one, both with the bib and the results. But anyway, concratulation!

Ronny Frydenlund got there by midnight

We don´t know if Ronny had reason to be afraid of hes sled could turn into a pumpking, if he gets to the finish after midnight. But he got there twelve minutes before. The man, who came in as sixth, was also the last one coming in to Malmplassen on Monday the thirt of february.


Seventh to Skjøthaug
Late in the night the mushers almost came in a little cluster. Not many minutes after midnight, it was Marianne Skjøthaug passing the finishing line at Malmplassen. That the this years race was tough, no doubt about it. At Grimsbu Marianne told us jokingly, that she is thinking about suing about all the hills on the trail. Welcome back to Røros, Marianne. Nice work!


Petter Karlsson broke the norwegian lead 

It´s a strong norwegian dominance at the results from this years F600, but the svedish Petter Karlsson managet as get a place under the best ten as only foreigner. He finished just after 1 am tonight, with only about four hours more running time then Robert as first placed. Congrats, Petter!

Fifth time under the top ten for Lars Monsen 

Lars Monsen had a hary intent to be worlds best dog musher. But this yeas Femundløpet he has to be satisfacted by a ninth place. With eight participations in long distance, he has five placements under the top ten. Ongoing good luck with the mission of ambitions and good placements.

Frode Wang completes the top ten 

One minute to 3 am, Frode Wang mushes in to Malmplassen as number ten of this years F600. Therewith the order at the finish line is the same as in Tynset and Tolge.

Congratulations with a impressiv mushing and a great accomplished Femundløpet 2014!