F400: Top 10 finishing positions

Author: Erlend S. Rokseth/Victoria Fleming     Photo: Hanne Nordskag/Synne Åkre     Publish date: 03.02.14 13:41

F400 Ola Martinsen takes 4th place
Ola Martinsen has competed in the Femundløpet race four times previously. This year he has beaten his previous positioning of 5th place. The race, according to him, has gone smoothly, even with the wind and uneven track.
- ‘But this is an outdoor sport and not something to be reckoned with’ he smiles.
Ola now head north to compete in the Finnmark Race .

F400 Kristoffer Halvorsen takes 5th place
Kristoffer Halvorsen does dog sledding full time and works closely with fellow musher Robert Sørlie. Previously Kristoffer had only been on the sidelines of Femundløpet, but thought it would be great to participate this year race. Some of the dogs that he has used during this race have been borrowed from Robert Sørlie.
‘It's good to compete a bit too, not just train’ Kristopher explains.
And his gallant effort in this year’s F400 race has meant that he has been named ‘this year's rookie’.

F400 Vidar Løkeng came in 6th place
Much of the credit for this race must go to dog positioning, and especially to his lead dog Helena. She will be seven years old and she has completed all the Finnmark races she has participated in.
- She is so intuitive, we communicate without the need to say much, explains Vidar Løkeng at the finish line. I am so happy she is the leader dog and that her legacy will live on.

F400 Vibeke Grytbak takes 7th place
Vibeke Grytbak took the 7th place and she was very satisfied with it. But she does not deny that it was heavy going.
- ‘There won’t be much hill training for a while, that’s for certain,’ she said as she crosses the finish line .
With her during the race is her brother Ove Grytbak, who is acting as handler. Vibeke is adamant that it would not have gone so well if he hadn’t have been there
- With a super handler like Ove everything goes well, she smiles.
There will be plenty of opportunities to reciprocate the effort that Ove has done as handler when he runs the next race.

F400 John Erik Eriksen takes 8th place
John Erik Eriksen has had his challenges during this race with difficult tracks and plowing winds. But this is all forgotten at the finish line. At the finish line its all about snacking and talking about other things. When asked if he is hungry, he replies quickly:
- ‘No, I had rather have a pint with the guys that finished before me at the finish line,’ he smiles. But not before he gives his spouse Isabell a kiss.


F400 A hairline separates 9th and 10th place
Anna B. Forest and Andreas Brennodden Svendsen came almost simultaneously to the finish line at Røros. Andrew insists that it is not out of politeness that Anna was awarded first out the two.

- She has run very well and the place is well deserved, he smiles.
Andreas has had a fantastic run and is very happy with his position of 10th.
- I have been very pleased to be placed amongst the top 20 mushers. There so are many strong contenders this year, he added.
He also has a interesting theory on the question of what makes ‘folldølinger’ so good at dog sledding:
- Well, it is because we are so incredibly good to train on hills, its instinctive, he laughs.