F600: Arnt Ola Skjerve is fighting himself at the bronze placement

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller         Publish date: 03.02.14 19:43

In the end of the race it turned out to a breathless chaise for Arnt Ola Skjerve. Robert Sørlie was leading vastly, but Birgitte Næss Wærner was just about the 31 year old mushers range all the time from Tynset to Røros. He did manage to get rid of Sigrid Ekran over Tolgas mountains. When he arrived at the Malmplassen in Røros, the bronze medal was safe for this years Femundløpet 600.

The farmer from Rennebu says, that he has 25 years of experience of dog sledding. No wonder, he did as good as he did. His debut in 2009 was ending with a 1th placement in the 400 class. The same year he won the Finnmarks 500 class. Else was this hes seventh start at the Femundløpet, and not less hes seventh completed Femundløpet.

A little time for a big kuddle with his daughter after he finished the race. Foto: Tine Mathea H. Johansen

Arnt Ola showes time and again, that he is a dangerouse competitor in the long distance races. He passed the finish line with ten dogs in front of the sled, that means, he only had to drop two dogs during the 600 km long race. Unforunately he lost the lead he safed himself in Tynset and Grimsbu 1, and had to battle with Birgitte and Robert outgoing from the third place all the way to Røros. Our congratulations for the bronze!


Arnt Ola Skjerve on the check in Tynset. Foto: Geir Sørmoen