Birgitte endure the race and saved the second position.

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Geir Sørmoen     Publish date: 03.02.14 19:53

Birgitte Næss Wærner was on second position out of Tynset 2 and she said, she is focusing on keeping it all the way until Røros. As she made it to Malmplassen, it was precisely the second team finishing in this years F600.

Even with a small team with only six dogs on the last strech, she managed to stay away from Arnt Ola Skjerve and Sigrid Ekran, who where hunting her all the way since Tynset.

- I´m very happy, said a tired but pleased silver winner after finishing.

No matter what the comeout of the fihgt about the second place would have been, would it have been a solid improvement for Birgitte. She run the F600 twice before. The first time in 2009 with a 10th placement. Two years ago she was setting up againg and ascend to a 9th place.

Last year her husband Thomas was mushing and Birgitte was handling. Then it was the 3th place for Team Wærner and Berserk Kennel. This year the rolls chenged and Birgitte ensure the best family placement ever in Femundløpet. But no matter who is copeting, it looks like the premium collection at home in Torpa is growing. And as it would not be enough to run the own team and win premies both at Femund and Finnmarksløpet, Gausdal and Hallingne, the Wærner and Wærner started their own race, Mush Sunnfjell, where again Birgitte tok the 3th place in this years edition.

Birgitte had the goal to smile all the way from start to end, and we, those who saw her running out of the check points can suscribe that she well managed.

Concratulations for the smooth runnen through race and a glorious result!