King of Femund, Champion - again!

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Hanne Nordskag/Synne Åkre/Tine Mathea H. Johansen     Publish date: 03.02.14 13:15

It´s his 25ht Femundløpet. His 11th Femundløpet victory. He has never had to quit a long distance race, ever. The King of Femund. The Silver fox. The Freight train from Jeppedalen. Dear children have many names. Robert Sørlie is the undoubted lord of victory in the 25th Femundløpet.

Robert Sørlie is several mil (1mil = 10km) in front of the other competitors, which are fighting about positions, while he crosses the finish line at the Malmplassen. With eleven dogs in front of the sled, Robert had to take out only one dog during the race of 60 mil (600km). Once more it´s proved, that the firefighter from Hurdal has a absolutly own skills to choose racing dogs with the same capability of tenaciousness and strongness as he has.

The team crossing the finish line - to many dogs to get them all on the picture. Foto: Hanne Nordskag

Maybe there is something in the water in Hurdal. Maybe something in the dogfood. Anyhow, no matter what it is, ther are no doubts, that Robert Sørlie manages it again and again. This year the Femundmarka hasen´t been more friendly with any of the mushers. The snow was corny and powdery. Ice cold windes have been blowing on several times. There were many step and long hills. With other words, the race everything but easy. All the same seemes Robert unaffected. That´s hes strength. Independent of conditions, he always manages to mush good. Not even one time he had to quit a longdistance race. Nothing seems to be as big and challanging, that Robert has to surrende along the trail.

Champagne is demanded for a F600 winner. Foto: Hanne Nordskag

His 11th victory in Femundløpet is an oter victory in a long row of trophys. It was him participating the Iditarod the first time in 2002 and winning the price of the best rookie. In 2003 he wan the worlds longes dog sled race, as only norman eversince. As well wan he in 2005. Aside of that it´s to name, that he copeted about 50 races.

Robert Sørlie is arriving at Mallmplass in a big standing ovation of the audience. Foto: Tine Mathea H. Johansen

Watch the video when Robert crosses the finish line and the following interview with the winner: