F400: Silje Christin Lystad came in third

Author: Erlend S. Rokseth     Photo: Tine Mathea H. Johansen     Publish date: 03.02.14 07:44

Silje Christin Lystad made it to the poll position on F400 and gets the bronze medal in the Norwegian Championship this year. She said before start that she had eight good dogs, and all eight of them made it to the finish line, although a little bit more tired and one of them in sled.

Even though she is only 23 years old, Silje Christin Lystad has experience from participating twice in Femundløpet. Her best result so far has been coming in as 35., so third place this year is somewhat an outstanding improvement!

Photo: Tine Mathea H. Johansen

Video from the finish line when Silje Christin arrived: