Roar Kvilvang is the winner and champion of the F400!!

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Victoria Fleming     Photo: Hanne Nordskag/Synne Åkre     Publish date: 02.02.14 20:29

Roar pulled a stunt that no one had ever seen before. He rode over the terrain like a storm! For many, pulling off this stunt was a pleasant surprise. Roar Kvilvang drove a formidable race from the start and sailed across the finish line with a superb margin. There is no doubt that this victory was well deserved and we congratulate Roar as the winner of the 400 class and as our new Champion!

Roar Kvilvang gets a well-deserved hug when arriving goal early Monday morning. Photo: Synne Åkre

The new Norwegian champion had previously participated in the Femundløpet race 10 times, in both F400 - and F600 - class, but this is his first ever win. Last year he finished in 15th place, four hours and two minutes after the winner Elisabeth Edland.

We can safely say that the tactic that his son Jan Kvilvang suggested will mean that they will be both be sharing in the victory tonight. Roar and his dogs have not had more than a 12 hours and 46 minute break during the competition. The question now is whether this win, and the tactics used during the race, will change the guidelines for Femundløpet.

Prior to the race Roar stated that his goal for this year was " to complete my 11th Femund Race with style ". I think we can all agree that he achieved this with flying colors!

The leader dogs also got some well-deserved cuddles and praise. Roar would never have managed to win without his dogs valiant efforts.
Photo: Hanne Nordskag

Interview with the Norwegian Champion: