Emil Inauen has left the race

Author: John Harald Knutsson/Victoria Fleming         Publish date: 02.02.14 17:48

Emil Inauen has left the race reports Ljone Fredrik Holst from the Grimsbu checkpoint.

‘I had a good and healthy team and only had a short feeding break at Tynset. Approximately 2.5 in to Røddalen one of the dogs began to cough. I put two dogs in the sled after a few kilometers,’ says Emil Inauen.

As more dogs struggled with their breath, they were quickly becoming exhausted, and then the problem spread.

‘I rested eight hours out on the track and gave them food and water. But I had no intention of continuing on with the race,’ says Emil.

Emil checked the dogs as best as he could and they will all undergo a full veterinary check. Emil and his team are now in Grimsbu and have left the race.

Photo: Geir Sørmoen