Slideshow: Catching some Zzzz

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Victoria Fleming     Photo: Hanne Nordskag/Tine Mathea H. Johansen     Publish date: 02.02.14 19:30

Competing in dog sledging takes its toll physically and mentally for both mushers and their dogs. Therefore there are obligatory rest periods for all dog teams in all classes. This is to ensure the dog teams are healthy and safe.  

Mushers are obliged to take a rest period during the Femundløpet race, this is done at one of the scheduled checkpoints set up along the race route. Often mushers rest for more than the mandatory time and sometimes mushers will also rest alongside the sledge tracks. A time allowance is given to mushers and it is added to the time used resting at the first obligatory checkpoint.

Warm and lovely straw is given to the top performers. Photo: Hanne Nordska

The resting time is also to ensure that both mushers and their dogs get the necessary break that they need. During the rest vets check and look over the dogs. The dogs receive veterinary follow-ups throughout the race and at every checkpoint. Vets present at the checkpoint will check every dog that comes in. The dogs are seen by a vet at least two times during the race.

When and where the racing teams decide to rest is often part of their race tactic.

In the photo series below you can enjoy photographs of tired and happy dogs in the F600 class at the Tynset checkpoint.


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