- Kvilvang travelled thorugh Gr√łnfjell before the storm came!

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller         Publish date: 02.02.14 13:14

We talked to the manager of Tynset check point, Stein Kaasin, about some minutes ago. He confirmed Roar Kvilvang passing the check point and gave us following informations:

- Kvilvang passed the Grønfjell before the stom started, says Stein and we managed to hear a smile over the phone.

That means, Roar escaped the storm with a diminutive gap and all the other competitors will get to tast the storms wrath on the way over the mountains. By now Edland is on second position and has to fight herself over Grønfjell.

The pull Roar chosed this year can be considered as a bit risky. The dogs did not get a lot of rest, but all the same, we can see them moving with a good speed all the way. It would be interessting to know, what food Roar uses for hes dogs!

If the strategy works out, the victory will be his.


This is all Roar Kvilvang competitors got to see of him this year. Foto: Synne Åkre