Morning talk with Thea Mortensen Holien

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Hanne Nordskag     Publish date: 02.02.14 12:16

We met Thea Mortensen Holien earlier this morning and got the possibility to talk about what realy happened on the trail this night.

How are you?

- Now, I´m fine, but it sucks, that i was not able to finish the race. The safety team did not dare to send me over the range.

Tonight did we inform about Thea, who as been bitten on the trail, because she had to brake up a fight between two of her dogs. There was no drama in order of the situation, but the safety team decided to go and get her by snowmobil. Of cours we would like to hear from her what happend exactly.

- The dogs where tired and demotiveted. As well one of the male dogs has been annoyed by one of the younger male dogs, who kept on barking a lot during the run. It was not a realy seriouse fight, but the younger one got very scared and I released the pulling line to get him some more space. Somehow he managed to get lose, though he was still attached to the neck line, and started to run back. That was actually what worried me most, she says, and adds that she has been bitten in the finger, while separating the older from the younger dog.

- That wasn´t a problem and the bit was not, what i was concerned about. It was not the first time I had my hand in between two dogs in a fight. I´m aware of they are not doing this with intention, it´s just an accident. The most worried I was aobut the small one which has been so much scared, she says.

Thea tells us, she was calling the safety team and she as been asked to stay where she is and wait for them. In the mean time she coulden´s see anymore, where the young dog, Atlas, went.

- I don´t know how long I have been waiting, but in the end the snowmobile came whitout having seen Atlas. That´s when I got realy worried, but not much later he showed up again. He was happy and he was not injured, she smiles and adds, the most importent thing for her is, to know her dogs are well all the time. Atlas got a yummy snack and caresses of hes feeding mother after he showed up again.

- He was ready to keep on running, she laughs. The 17 year young woman participaded already in 2012 and 2013 and has knowledge and experience about the race. In review she sees herself finishing this race too, even if she has been bitten and with the the conditions over the mountains.

- The weather was no problem. All my dogs are used to runn in stormy weather. We did a lot of training in challanging conditions, she tells. Thea feels to bee taken out of the race, but is coming back stronger next year.

- I´m not qitting now! All dogs are healthy and fast. They where running smooth down the mountains, that made it hard to not be alowed to keep on mushing at this point, she smiles.