Anette Børve Hernes (16) is winner of the Junior-race and Norwegian Junior Champion 2014!

Author: Karen Brynildsen     Photo: Trond Anton Andersen/Finnmarksløpet     Publish date: 01.02.14 21:27

Anette Børve Hernes came in as numer one and is therewith Norwegian Champion of the Junior class. The 16 year joung lady has already a six years experiance behind the sled and this is the second time she participates the Femund Junior. Last year she reached the 4th place.

With bib number 301 and first musher checking in all check points, Anette showed us throughly, that her and her dogs have a good team work. They where running smooth all way long and dealed nicely all different kindes of conditions during the race. As well all six dogs where in the team from the start til the end. We take of our hut to this joung lady and are looking forward to follow her mushing in the coming years!


This is Anette on fiday afternoon leafing Røros. Foto: Synne Åkre