WEB-TV: Amazing Torjus

Author: Karen Brynildsen     Photo: Trond Anton Andersen/Finnmarksløpet     Publish date: 02.02.14 00:31

Torjus Mortensen Bakk had a laborious trip over Gråhøgda fjell, but still manached to get the 3th place. In Tufsingdalaen, he checked in on second position, lost one position to Marcus Kampesveen before he made it to Tolga. In to the finish, he still has all six dogs, which where running faithful and pulled the sled all the way from the start.

15 years old Torjus did start dogsleding about one and a half year ago. This was hes first participation at Femundløped. We are quite imponated how he managed the last strech of the race and are looking forward to keep on following him the upcoming years. Watch the video with the interview from the finishing: