Cold breeze in the mountains

Author: Morten Haugseggen/Anna Helena Stoller         Publish date: 01.02.14 21:59

The weater has been changing in the last hours and it came up a cold breeze in the mountains. The teams moving above the tree line are experience challanging conditions with bad view, what makes a average run hard. All junior race participant have been taking a rookie course, where they have been teached how to akt and behave tough and hard weater contitions. Additional all mushers have equipment and food accessible in their sleds, to be able to survive severel days in the mountains in actual conditions. All mushers are well equiped to handel the situation.

Nevertheless the safety team is checking along the trails to be sure, that everything is ok. For safety reason the race manager has decided to keep Line Rønning Bakås and Aud Kristin Bjørgum in Tolga, as long the safety team is busy in the mountains.

The management of Femundløpet is followint closely with all the happenings along the trail.