Marcus Kampesveen (16) finishing the Junior NM as number two

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Synne Åkre     Publish date: 01.02.14 21:58

Marcus Kampesveeen finished in second position. He is only 16 years joung, has only one year of dog sledding experience and it´s even hes first Femundløpet too. Simply said, its very impressive what he performed in this junior race, especially with the demanding waeter conditions during the race.

He left Røros as number fifteen, but managed to climbe up to a seventh position until the first check point. Eight minutes behind Anette, he checke out as secend in Tufsingdalen. He kept on holding this position continuous all the way to Tolga and in to Røros and the finish.

All six dogs has been running the entire race from start to end. There is no doubt, that Marcus and hes dogs are a good team. We are looking forward to watch him in furher races the upcoming years!