Heavy start

Author: Erlend S. Rokseth/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Erlend S. Rokseth     Publish date: 01.02.14 19:27

Without hes most experienced leading dog Jimmy Pettersson had to work hard behind the sled. Oh, it was tough, he bursted after arriving in Tufsingdalen.

Sick leading dog

The leading dog is sick, resting at home in Sweden. Without a leader who guided the other dogs, it went all a bit rough. He could follow Elisabeth Edland for a bit but she was running of in the mountains.

- She is mushing as h..., he tells us at the check point in Tufsindalen. 

With some extra Royal Energi and three hours rest, he hopes for a better run. Even without hes leader, it´s still possible that Jimmy Pettersson may claim up in the F400. He is a rookie, but a rookie who did a grat job in La Grande Oddyssée. Last year he won the Amundsen Race and last week he won the Vildmarksrace.