The frustration about the snow is met with understanding

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst         Publish date: 01.02.14 16:19

- We understand the mushers frustration, since they have to work harder then usual to go from Drevsjø to Søvollen, says Thomas Breen.

He explains, that there have been some issues caused by the late coming snow, and as it first came, it was a lot.

- The trail from Drevsjø to Søvollen did get all its snow within the last two weeks. With almost two meters of new, grainy, powdery snow it´s hard to get a good base. Conectet to outdoor activities as we carry with, we will always have challanges to handle. Weater and conditions will always vary in such a long race, depending on where in the race you are, he states.

- It will the same in future, even if we are surely trying as hard as we can to make the conditons as good as possible.

Breen says that no one else spends as much resources as Femundløpet to prepare a good trail, but it also will always be a object to be better and stretch ourself to improve.

- We are going to develop our courses, that we can be better to spread the compentences, he says befor he repeats that this years conditons are unlikely comparing to a usual winter.

- The conditions caused, that even scooter driver with many years experience where facing conditions they have never seen befor.