Rookie is leading

Author: Erlend S. Rokseth/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Erlend S. Rokseth     Publish date: 01.02.14 13:45

Rookies are in lead, at least if we are talking about registration. The norwegian term for rookie is "førsteganskjører" (first time driver), and this year there are 39 rookies which compet against 35 veterans. One of the newcomers is Karianna Laugaland, bib 109.



While 39 are starting as rookie in the F400, are there only 35 veterans. To be caled a veteran, you have to be mushing and finishing at least one Femundløpet. Race manager Roger Leegaard says, that this is nothing unusual for Femundløpets history.

- The Femundløpet is quiet extraordinary regarding this topic. Every year there are between 30 and 50 rookies signing in. Seemingly many hobby mushers have the goal to complet a Femundløpet, he explanes.

- So we can keep on wondering, where all the rookies are coming from and where it leads them afterwards, he smiles.

Dog experienced rookie

With two border collies home, Karianna Laugaland is usued to dogs and started dog sledding two years ago at the Valdres Highschool. The studies where addicting and now she continues as stipendiat and handler. In this short time she already managed to get some experience both in Norway and Alaska.

- I succseed Hallingen race and Gausdal maraton. Last year i joined a trip to Alasta to mush dogs with Bernt Sass.

Bernt Sass has 60 huskies in his kennel and competes right now at the 1000 miles long Yukon Quest.

Valdres hight school is well represented

Karianna Laugaland is meeting some other students from Valdres hight school. 11 volunteers are helping out during the F400. Therewith the only hight school, which is running a kennel and offering dog sledding as part of the education in southern Norway, is well represented. And maybe next year, we may meet some of the todays volunteers as mushers. If it should be so, they don´t have to worried about being safeguarded.



Safeguarding of rookies

- Femundløpet has a good sett up for rookies. Bevor the race we offer a meeting especially for rookies, where the mushers get all the information they need. Furthermore Femundløped started an own course for rookies with theory in november and a practical training whit option to run a leg together with a experienced musher. This is also adjusted for the Femund junior class, says Roger Leegaard.