Obligat check of sled equipment

Author: Erlend S. Rokseth/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Erlend S. Rokseth     Publish date: 01.02.14 11:17

Dogsledding kan be an extrem sport with serious physical and mental efforts under challanging weather and conditions. To assure best possible equipment during an unexpected emergency stop in the mountains, is ti oblygatory for all mushers to run threough an equipment check before start. Laila H. Bøe is rookie and says it gives her a save feeling , that all equipment is checked.

Race manager Roger Leegaard is one of controller, who goes through each individually sled at the prep place before start. He points out that it´s necessery to take care about savety. 

- The main reason of the check ist that  we have to know that every musher has all equipment that will be needed in a case they have to stop in the mountains, he says.

Leengaard goes through every point of hes checking list, while Laila H. Bøe showes the obligated equipment. Cart, spade, sleeping bag, food and fluids for musher and dogs, water heater and red spirit are only a few thigs of what needs to be placed in the sled and jacket. Further for the mushers it is an extra savety to get confirmed, that every thing is placed.

- I think, it is very assurand for me, that some one checks, that all equipment is her.
Especially for me. I don´t have a lot of experience with sleding from befor, adds Laila with a smile, just about starting the F400. She has many helper and handler and a cheering gang and hopes to be able to finis the F400.