What happened tonight

Author: Karen Brynildsen/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Geir Sørmoen     Publish date: 01.02.14 07:23

Nina Skramstad was first woman in on two check points, the juniors are resting in Drevsjø, Lars Monsen is getting himself in first position at Drevsjø, while R&R (Robert Sørlie and Ralph Johannessen are running well known strategy. Check out all news from tonight here.

For all of you who have not been sticking to our ScribbleLIVE-feed all night, we have an overwiev of everything happening on trail and in check points the passed night.

Femund Junior

As you all know, all 16 junior participants left Røros yesterday afternoon at 4 o´klock.

It was quite even spread over the mountains and first musher on the trail was Anette Børve Hernes, who was as well first musher checking in at Tufsindalen. Followed by the rest of the gang like pearls an a chain. At Tufsingdalen check point they had to take a mendetory rest of six hours and where checking out almost all at the same time. Now new challanges are comming up over the mountains towards Tolga.

Anette Børve Hernes takes care about her dogs and checks that they have everything they need, before she get herself som rest in the sleepingbag.

Foto: Geir Sørmoen



The participants on the longest and hardest stech, left Røros yesterday afternoon from 4.30 pm and thereafter.

Nina Skramstad was keeping her leeding position all the way from Røros, passing all 16 juniors, and was saving the "first woman in"-titel at Tufsingdalen. Our reporter on the trail, Fredrik Ljone Holst, could inform as follows from First lady on ScribbleLIVE:

As first team on the trail, it was not always easy to find the trail, especially after passing all juniors.

- On the Femund Lake there where only the marking sticks, and some times with a pretty long distance in between, says Nina Skramstad. But exept of that the run across Femunden was allright.

- It was not the kind of condition we where expecting to tackle.

All dogs where running nice and all twelve will keep on going towards Drevsjø. Of cours she doesn´t want to mention anything about how long she is planing to stay at the check point.


R&R fans, dont´t panic! Fredrik Ljone Holst is reporting  about a comment from Ralph Johannessen when he arrived in Tufsingdalen:

Right behind Robert Sørlie is comming Ralph Johannessen, who already decleared before the race started, to take it easy.

- I was going slowly. Robert was running 15 minutes faster, he says with a smil. But as well did he pass a good bundle of mushers on the first stetch.


By now, half of the mushers have arrived in Drevsjø, while the other half is still on trail. During morning and noon will the most of the teams arrive in Drevsjø one after an other.

Lars Monsen was first musher checking in at Drevsjø after passing t straight hrough Tufsingdalen. Arnt Ola Skjerve checked in on second position, while Nina Skramstad was saving her an other First Lady price. Reporter Fredrik Ljone Holst had a chat with bouth number one and two in Drevsjø.

Lars declares that it was a hard leg with a lot of loose trail. But anyway, he took the chance to drive straight through Tufsingdalen check point.

- I did gamble a bit, but that´s what you have to do if you want to compete with this company.

He adds, even if it was loos, it was not that much of breaking trails. That´s why he thinks, it was not necessary a disadvantage to be in first position.


Four minutes behind Lars came Arnt Ola Skjerve. The two of them where following each other all the way from Tufsingdalen with only a few minutes distance.

- I managed to see Lars on the ice, says Arnt Ola, but he insists, that he did not get stressed, when Lars was passing the first check point.

- No, I just got better time, he says, and you could hear him smiling behind the head torch.

At Drevsjø check piont did Nina Skramstad get handed out the "First Lady Price". A beautyfull sheep skin from Krekling & Villsau. Foto: Geir Sørmoen



Everyone is sleeping.


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