Femundløpets first musher is ready to start

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Fredrik Ljone Holst     Publish date: 31.01.14 13:33

Nina Skramstad is this years first musher of the F600 leaving Kjerkgata. With only a couple of hours left before the start, it´s time for the offical check of sled equipment, which she passed faultless.

Before the mushers and dogs are emit to the Femunds wilderness, they have to verify that all mandatory equipment is ready in sled and jacket. Basically the equipment is meant to keep the whole team warm and includes as well provisions in case of an unsuspected happening on the trail.

A warm sleeping bag for Nina, extra booties for dogs, food, water heater, lights, signal stick or light bar are part of the mandetory equipment. In sled nr. 1 everything is as it should be and TD Marianne Lund gives the "thumb up" sign.

First out -  first in?
Exactly her starting number, just number 1, could Nina imagine to see on the result list too.

- I´m participing to be best, she says with a smile. Her partner Didrik Lindeberg Sand will be as well mushing the F600, but both agreed that this is not going to effect the homely peace. Neither will it be a real competition between the two of them.

 - I´m running the A-Team and that´s how it always is going to be if I am fit, so Nina. Also she adds that Didrik´s race strategy is to rest the dogs longer then she is planning to.

- Seemingly we may take the long rest during the race on the same check point, but we said good by to each other already and each of us is running our own race.

Prepared for every case
Nina is prepared for almost every case for this race. Not only that she has all the tecnical equipment ready and everything that may be needed for the dogs during the long journey. In the right pocket of her jacket there is a lipstick too - together with a leatherman.

- That´s what you find in a pocket of a female musher, she says and smiles, but adds that there is no vanity behind the lipstick.

- It´s more about wellness and care, and the color is quite natural, she clarifies while opening it to prove that it´s neither scarlet red nor shocking pink.

All our best wishes to Nina - and to all the others chasing her out of the start area - good luck and safe travels!