Femunden is open to mush

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Mari Vold / Adresseavisen     Publish date: 30.01.14 15:39

There where many requests in advance if it will be possible at all to mush on the Femunden. On Thursday the head person for preparing the trails removed all doupts: The trails lead across Femunden!

- There are good conditions but some icy sections. The result of todays inspection showed that it's absolutly responsible to use the normal trail across Femunden, says trail manager Jon Anders Kokkvoll. And especially the 30 km across the ice is important for the race's character.

- I's name is Femundløpet, hence it will be musehd on Femunden.

Signs and fixing anchors 

The 30 km hidding south are well marked by poles which can also be used to fix anchors if someone is forced to stop on the lake. Kokkvoll declears that it was a challenging job to prepare this years trail after a late starting winter in the region.

- To weeks ago it would have been possible for Femund II to sail down the lake. We could have been taken the ship across the Femund.

But after a period of very cold weather, the ice growed to a thick and safe foundation and Kokkvoll informed about a thickness from at least 30 centimeters of ice.

Difficult snow conditions

Another problem this year was the late coming snow. In the northern part of the trai it is still little snow. On the southern parts there has been a good amount of snow falling recently.

- On the parts with a lot of snow you will notice very fast if you are off the trail, informes Kokkvoll the mushers on the obligated musher meeting in the sport hall of Røros.

Changes on the round of Grimsbu

Even if the trail follows the original plans across the Femund-ice, it has been necessery to do some smaller and bigger changes on other locations. The biggest differences or variations will be on the round of Grimsbu/Folldal, where the mushers of 600 have to turn towards Furutjønna and go back the same trail instead of taking the trail on the river. There where good conditions on Wednesday, but on Thursday a lot of overflowing water made it impossible to mush. On the second last leg between Tynset and Tolga Kokkvoll alerts a long uphill stretch.

- The ones with a lot of energy left and who still are fancy to spark will get an advantage, says Kokkvoll with a smile on his face and wishing good luck to all the mushers.