New Femundløpet - longer, harder and well-founded

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst/Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Helmut Dietz     Publish date: 30.01.14 21:31

Comperhensive changes of the rules are meant to structure the race less confortable for the mushers gut ensure more rest for the dogs. The goal will be getting less advantages for the individual participants and creating a longer race in future.

During the opening ceremony announced chairman Thomas Breen some of hes thoughts for future faces. The well most important change the management is looking at seriously already for 2015, is to remove the option for the mushers to get rest in all kinde of overnight stais as such as caravan, cabins or hotel rooms. The rules are supposed to get a step back, closer to the origin and even out conditions.

- It´s a step in the right direction to even out the dirfferences between the mushers. We will use more time by not getting help with everithing of our handlers and this will give some more rest to the dogs. Bach to basic, so Robert Sørly who was a promoter for these changments.

Breen informed also about some other ideas which will be discussed by the management durring the race. Read more Arbeidets Rett and Østlendingen.