Femundløpet 2014 is the 25. Femundløpet

Author: Victoria Fleming/Stoller Anna Helena         Publish date: 27.01.14 10:48

This years Femundløpet is the 25. in row since 1990.

The vision by the camp fire 

It was in 1989 by a big camp fire in a starry night during a trainings run along the Femund lake popped up the idea of a longer dog sled race in this area. Participants where Torgeir Øren, Stein Håvard Fjestad og Odd Kjøsnes. All of them were thrilled by the idea and the planing started straight away. No doubt the race should start already the next coming winter season.

Stein Håvard Fjestad from the race in 2013


The dog racing scene in the Røros region took contact with other like minded partner in the Østre Æra area. Together with Torgeir Oren and Odd Kjøsnes was Anton Trøencentral figures in naming the race. The idea of Femundløpet was presented by the Røros Kennel Clug, which as well took over the reaponability of organization of the checkpoint in Røros during the race in 1990. Røros Kennel Club organised Femundløpet until 2001. in 2001 Friends of Femundløpet (Femundløpets Venner) has been founded who took over further organization of the event.

 41 teams started the first race 

The first race had 41 participants, divided into an open class and a 8-dog class. The start for this race was at Østre Æra. From there the race passed the checkpoints in Sølenstua, Haugen Gård along Femund and the 3th in Røros which was turning point. The first race was stopped halfway at Røros, this was for reason of extremly mild weather and overflowing water. The decision to stop the race was made by the mushers themselves, after intense discussions and a finally vote. It was a great lessong for the Femundløpet enthusiasts who belived in the race.

Please note that therer may be some historical mistakes in these videos. Inter alia the video depicts that the first race in 1990 starded in Røros, however it actually started in Østre Æra. We still think the video is interesting and it deserves a place in this article. 

Invaluable volunteers

There have been many hours invested by volunteers at the event, and every year more racers are willing to start the Femundløpet. In 2009 was the 20th anniversary of Femundløpet. in 2011 Friends of Femundløpet organised the first World Championship in long distance dog sledding.

25 years and still going

The race´s current organization would like to say a big thank you to the founding members of the Femund race. The legacy of those three mushers who sat around a bonfire an sowed the seed of adventure still keeps on living 25 years later.