Amundsen Race and Femundløpet cooperate

Author: Anna Helena Stoller         Publish date: 23.01.14 15:32

Amundsen Race and Femundløpet cooperate to increase recruit

Femundløpet and Amundsen Race cooperation

Associated to our cooperation with the Amundsen Race, we can proudly present a few nice rewards for the this years 8-dog rookie teams for both races.

The best rookie of the 8-dog class in this years Femundløpet wins a entry fee for the Amundsen Race in 2015, as well as the best rookie of this years Amundsen Race gets sponsored the entry fee for Femundløpet 2015

This is mentioned to develop as well to recruit for long distance sports by emphasizing the rookies from the 8-dog class. Thereby we hope to increase the prestige of the limited classes.