Checkpoint - What´s up at Søvollen?

Author: John Harald Knutsson         Publish date: 16.01.14 12:51

Søvollen - Oasis in Wilderness 

The wilderness beauty of Søvollen comes as welcomed respite for weary mushers and their dogs, having covering many tiresome kilometers along the Sølensjøen and over the mountains. Søvollen offers a unique atmosphere due to is location and surrounding area.

Things to see and do
There is a lot happening at Søvollen throughout the day and night, including Saturday and Sunday. The café serves food and drink around the clock. At Søvollen there are many activities and events to participate in, this includes dog sledging for children, horse drawn sledge known as “Karnefart”, snowshoe race, snowball throwing competition, fancy dress cross-country ski race, nature trail and children snowmobile driving. On Saturday night there is a social gathering at the pub where Øvre Rendal men’s choir will be performing at 20:00.


The Søvollen Checkpoint Prize

 Søvollen has its own checkpoint prize. The Finstadlavvu will award a wooden lavvu to the best musher over a period of three year (from 2013 to 2015). The prize will be awarded in 2015 to the Best Man/Best Woman to check-in at the Søvollen Checkpoint. Participants in both classes compete for this coveted prize.

 The results are calculated over 3 years. For example if a musher finishes 3rd in the first year, 5th in the second year and 2nd in the third year he/she will have a total score 10. This is in accordance with their finish position (time allowance will be taken into consideration). However, if two mushers have the same score and have competed in the same classes for all three years, then, the best total time at the checkpoint will determine who is declared winner. 

If there are several mushers that reach the same total score, whereby one has competed in F600 and the other in F400 for one or more years, the winner will be selected by a draw.

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For the most up to date program for Søvollen please check out our facebook page.

Preliminary activity times are as follows:



Saturday 1st February at Søvollen Checkpoint


Food and drink is available throughout the day and night.

Commentary during the daytime.


Activities from 11.00 – 15.00 

Horse drawn sledge

Snowshoe race (starting times to be announced by the speaker)

Snowball throwing competition at targets or perhaps it will end up in a good old-fashioned snowball fight!

Nature trail

Driving with children’s scooter. This is just for children

On Saturday night there will be a social gathering in the new pub in the barn. Øvre Rendal men’s will choir begin their concert at 20.00


We are working with the costumes for the fancy dress ski race to be held on Saturday. Final details and times will be announced on our Facebook site.



Sunday 2nd February at Søvollen Checkpoint


Food and drink is available throughout the day and night

Commentary during the daytime

Children’s dog sledging (from 11.00 -13.00) Small childrens sledge with 2 dogs


Activities from 11.00 – 15.00 

Driving with children’s scooter. This is just for children.

Snowball throwing competition. (Starting times will be announced by the speaker) Remember to take with you your snowballs, there will also be some snowballs to borrow! This may also end up in a big snowball fight!

Nature trail



Would you like to contibute to Søvollen Checkpoint?

Volunteers arrange a collection for the Søvollen Checkpoint. All money collected goes directly to non-commercial activities and prizes at the Checkpoint. Every little contribution helps. So if you contribute a 100kr note or even more you will be giving the Søvollen Checkpoint a big boost. Everyone who contributes 200kr or more to the Søvollen Checkpoint fund will be entered into a prize draw. Patrons who donate more that 700kr will become honorary 


Dette er foreløpig program – her kommer mer og vi tar forbehold om endringer. Følg med på facebooksiden til sjekkpunkt Søvollen