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Author: Vanessa Quinche         Publish date: 04.11.13 15:05


Femundløpets own musher boots!

A boot that is designed for mushers. As warm as the famous Polar Lobben but with a round toe in order to better fit inside an overboot. The boot is reinforced with leather around the heel, toes and bottom of the boot. A large wide leather tongue ensures comfort (the tongue can't slip around) and that snow can't get into the boot. The boot is made out of compact wool felt with slick lining on the inside. Due to the new design around the toe, you have to order 2-3 sizes bigger than your usual shoe size. 

This limited Edition of Femundlabben has the Femund race logo on the outside of the boot and stylish trims with dog paws!

Price: Special offer valid til 15.12.2013 NOK 1089,-(normal price 1390.-)

Sizes: 38 to 48

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Special offer: Package price of NOK 2014.- for Femundlabben and oveboot 

In addition Protex has a special offer for mushers who wish to purchase the military overboot together with the Femundlabben. Package price for Femundlabben and overboot is NOK 2108.-(Regular price for the overboot alone is NOK 1019.-) With the Femundlabben and overboot you will never ever get cold feet! Please mention the promotion code 94 upon order. This code is only valid upon purchase of the Femundlabben and overboot package. 

Overboot with insole. New model with zippers and Velcro. Two sizes at No. Size 42 fits 41/42 etc.

These shoes have been used by the Norwegian Armed Forces for more than 25 years. The sole is made of polyurethane and stays soft when temperaturs are as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The outer part is made of PU-coated fabric and is waterproof and the boot is lined to insulate against the cold. The shaft is of woven polyester / cotton and is water repellent and "breathable". Sturdy zippers and Velcro surface make it easier to get the boot on/off.

Price: Special offer valid til 15.12.2013 NOK 2014.-

Sizes: 38 to 50 

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