Rookie course

Author: Vanessa Quinche     Photo: Hanne Nordskag     Publish date: 12.09.13 14:10

The rookie course will consist of two meetings:

Part 1 - 9th November 2013: Theoretical part in Røros.
Part 2 – 17th/18th January 2014: Practical part, Røros. 
If the rookies do not have the possibility to participate in the second part of the course, they have to participate in a qualifier race.


Program - part 1

From 10.00 til 11.45

Chief veterinarian Annette Kriller

  • Practical information on how to race Femundløpet
  • When and why should a dog be dropped from the race
  • How the veterinary team works during the race
  • The mushers responsibilities and duties regarding animal welfare
  • How to take care of your team in the event of bad weather or the team quitting in the mountains
  • Dehydration, feeding routines and injury prevention
Race Manager Roger Leegaard
  • Femundløpets race rules and good sportsmanship

From 12.15 til 15.00 - Tips and hints from an experienced Musher

  • How to dress in the mountains and in the event of bad weather
  • Clothes, equipment, map and compass
  • Mushing in bad weather
  • How to take care of oneself, food and drink
  • Training tips: preparation, quantity and type of trainings, checkpoint routines and race strategies
  • How to take care of the dogs during the race
  • Equipment that works in races

After the meeting there will be pizza at the Milano restaurant.

Part 1 of the course costs kr. 400.- including coffee, lunch and pizza.


Program – part 2 - starts at ca. 19.00 on the 17th January 2014

Part 2 consists of a social trainingrace with the same mandatory equipment as under Femundløpet. The course will take participants from Røros to Tufsingdalen with a mandatory rest of 4 hours. In Tufsingdalen participants will receive straw, water and stew. Everyone has to sleep/rest outside in their windbags.

After the first stop the participants will follow the Femund Junior trail direction Tolga and back to Røros. After the training there will be dinner for everyone.

Part 2 of the course costs kr. 400.-
For those who need accomodation we recommend the Idrettsparken hotel.


Questions and registration:

Petter Swift, Femund Trekkhunklubb
phone: 918 93 739

  • Registration deadline part one: 1st November
  • Registration deadline par two: 10th January
  • Payment of registration fee to Femund Trekkhundklubb bank account: Rørosbanken 4280 11 15319