Kennel cough vaccine

Author: Vanessa Quinche         Publish date: 22.08.13 15:25

The NHF has not approved Femundløpets request to make the intranasal vaccine against infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) mandatory at the Femundløpet 2014. Femundløpet is currently in contact with the NHF to find a solution in order to ensure that teams attending the race are free of the kennel cough virus. We wish to find a solution that is easy to apply and organize and in the best interest of participants and their dogs. As soon as we have more information on the subject we will inform you of this.

The kennel cough vaccine is the best available protection for the dogs participating at the race. This vaccine is highly recommended by the ISDVMA, the IFSS and used at other mayor races around the world since many years. If you have questions or concerns about this vaccine please read the Q&A on kennel cough vaccine or contact the head veterinarian Annette Kriller via e-mail

Read the NHF press release /answer to our request.