New chief veterinarian

Author: Hilde Porsanger / transl. Vanessa Quinche     Photo: private     Publish date: 07.08.13 07:56

Kriller is from Germany but lives in Slussfors in Sweden where she also runs her own veterinary clinic. Most of her patients are hunting dogs and sled dogs. 

Kriller has vast experience as a race veterinarian and she has worked on the Yukon Quest eight times. She has also been a race veterinarian at La Grande Odyssée, Finnmark race, Iditarod and other races.

Our new chief veterinarian studied veterinary medicine in Munich at the Ludwig Maximilians University, and in Paris at the Ecole Veterinaire de Maisons Alfort with Professor Dominique Grandjean, a veterinary professor with an international reputation. During her studies, Kriller took part in several study tours to different races in Alaska and Scandinavia.

Krillers fascination for sleddogs comes from the combination of her two principle interest since childhood.

- I always wanted to have something to do with animals but then ended up following my other interest and studying sports sciences (finishing with a degree from the renowned Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne in 1990). A few years later I came into contact with sleddog racing and this prompted the desire to study veterinary medicine and dedicate my sport and medical knowledge to sleddogs.

Asked why she decided to take on this new challenge Kriller answers that the motivation to be the chief vet is a somewhat logical follow up of her experiences as a trail vet on different races around the world.

- Time and circumstances seem to be right to take up this new challenge now. My goal is to provide the best possible care for all the dogs involved in the race. Their welfare being my main and only focus. I'd like to see a fruitful and increased exchange of experience and knowledge between mushers and veterinarians, in ways that I have experienced on other races and in order to further enhance the well-being of the dogs through broadening the knowledge of everyone involved in the sport.

In Slussfors Kriller and her partner have 40 huskies and three horses.

Kriller speaks German, French, English and Swedish, and she will surely also be speaking Norwegian very soon too.

General Manager of Femundløpet, Vanessa Quinche, is pleased to have such an experienced race veterinarian join the team.

- Annette has a lot of international experience and will thus have valuable input, and continue the good work that former head vet Ingrid Wiik Haugbjørg did. Good animal welfare is highly important to Femundløpet and we are happy to have a vet who is highly motivated and has the expertise to ensure that the Femundløpet veterinary team will provide the canine athletes with the best care possible, says Quinche.