Femundløpet 2014 - what's new?

Author: Vanessa Quinche     Photo: Stepan Hon     Publish date: 01.08.13 20:45

The Femundløpet 2014 will take place from 30th January to 4th February.

The F600 and Femund Junior class will this year start on the same day, Friday 31st January. A draft program can be found under the tab participant information.  

Registration fees remain as in 2013. Changes have been made to the conditions regarding the refund of participation fees in the event of accident or illness. You will find further information under the tab participant information.

Due to logistical reasons Femundløpet will for the first time this year also set a limit to the number of participants. In the F400 class a maximum of 120 participants are accepted. In the F600 class 70 participants is the limit and in the Femund junior class a maximum of 30 participants may enter the race. The deadline for registration is the 31st December.

Rules regarding rookie status have also been amended. To date participants were rookies until they had completed a Femundløpet race (Fjr. F400 or F600). From the 2014 race there is rookie status in every class. This means that if you have fulfilled the Femund Junior and take part in the F400 you will have F400 rookie status. If you have fulfilled the F400 and participate in the F600 you have F600 rookie status. If you have fulfilled the F600 class and decide to participate for the first time in the F400 you will also be considered a rookie in the F400. These changes demand some re-programming of our registration system and should you find any mistakes, please let us know.

We would also like to inform mushers that not participating at mandatory meetings and ceremonies will be sanctioned. It is important for the good organization of the race, for our sponsors and the public that you attend these events. Any event marked “mandatory” in the program is an important part of the Femundløpet race. The Femundløpet event takes place from 30th January to 4th February 2014, so plan ahead and make sure that you attend the whole event. This will also give you time to meet and mingle with fellow mushers.