First British woman finishing Femundløpet

Author: Femke van Gastel         Publish date: 05.02.13 11:33

Musher Mel Andrews reached the finish line of the Femund 400 at 01.11 Tuesday morning. This made her the first female musher from the United Kingdom to have participated and finished Femundløpet.

(Photo: Alex Photography)

Third time is a charm

Dog-racing in the United Kingdom is mostly known by those that have pulling dogs themselves. Rigs instead of sleds and races that take a few hours at the most instead of a few days. Mel is the first female musher from the United Kingdom to participate and finish the Femundløpet.

This year, Mel used Gausdal Maraton as a preparation race. With almost the same team as during that race, she started the F400 at 11.06 Saturday morning. After a first try at Femund in 2011, and not being able to participate in 2012 due to a back injury, Mel proved that three times is a charm.
She finished with six dogs at 01.11 Tuesday morning. Next step: Amundsen Race and Finnmarkløpet 500. We wish her the best of luck!