Ralphs revenge - finally winner of Femundløpet

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst (transl. Femke van Gastel)         Publish date: 04.02.13 11:29

Ralph Johannessen stayed ahead of his competition the whole stage til Røros and could drive down Kjerkegata as Norwegian Champion and winner of the main distance in Femundløpet 2013.


Last year Ralph had to give up against the silverfox from Romerike after an intens duel that was not decided until the last stage. Also this year the duel was clear, as Ralph and Arnt Ola Skjerve left checkpoint Tolga with only three minutes time-difference. But this year Ralph managed to put his competition in place. Not only did he manage to keep Arnt Ola and the rest of the closing-in group behind him, he managed to enlarge his headstart. After an hour of driving his three minutes had become ten and at Narjordat it was clear that the gap had become even bigger.

We congratulate Ralph with a good timed race and a deserved victory in his seventh Femundløpet!