F400 Finish

Author: Tonje Lilleås (transl. Femke van Gastel)         Publish date: 04.02.13 08:18

Startnumber 187 Ole Wingren has after the finishline in Røros submitted a protest for missing markings of the trail. The jury has been called together to discuss the protest.

Wingren was the first on the trail heading into Røros. He drove wrong at a point were a red cornersign had fallen down into the snow. Wingren turned around after about 300 metres when he realised he had gone the wrong way, but didn't manage to cross the finishline first.

The jury has denied his protest. According to the rules of the Norges Hundekjørerforbund for long-distance sleddograces, §§ A 10.3.1 and A 10.3.3., it is the responsibility of the musher to find the right route himself even if markings are unintentionally missing.