"Fytti katta!"

Author: Hilde Porsanger (Transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Hilde Porsanger     Publish date: 04.02.13 01:21

Out of nowhere there appeared a young musher who out of Tolga is in the race and fighting for a spot on the podium in the F400. Espen Bech from Alta starting out from the checkpoint at number four.

This race is the first real long-distance that the young musher Espen Bech (18) has participated in. Previously, he has not been old enough to compete in anything other than small local races, so this will be the first racing season as long-distance musher. -It was somewhat as I expected, but much harder,” fytti kata!” Espen laughs at checkpoint at Tolga before he goes on the final stage to the finish.

Male with concentration problems

Rookie Bech is happy with the course so far and the trail has been good even though it has been a bit heavy. He pulls out of Tolga with five dogs after having left a dog with stomach problems. Earlier he has taken out two dogs, one with a sore shoulder. The others had out was a male who couldn’t handle that there was with a bitch in heat in the team, and thus spent more energy on trying to reach bitch than he used to go forward.

With little sleep makes everything better

By day Bech is a farmer, and it was then that he began to help farmer and musher, Kristian Walseth, three years ago he began mushing. -I saw he was often out and froze and thought "Hey, it looks like the fun, I would like to try" laughs Jack, and since then he has been mushing. The goal this year is Finnmarksløpet, and he has not been intimidated from participating although mushing  the competition was a bit harder than he had thought. -When I see the trail signs that it's 10km to go to the check point I feel that I am very far away, and wonder at what I'm doing. Everything goes better after some sleep, says Bech.

Young Bech takes nothing for granted, he is not finished until he passes goal in Kjerkgata and he hopes to complete when he is so close. What he looks most forward to after completing the race is a shower and some sleep.