FJr: IIditarod is the plans of the junior winner

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 03.02.13 23:27

Junior Winner Amund Rognes Kokkvoll is not like other 17 year  youths. Winning Femund Junior was the first point in the plan. The goal is to participate in the Iditarod. He will follow the path of F400 and F600 in the next few years. Then he will win Finnmarksløpet before he will participate in the Iditarod.

Junior Winner Amund Rognes Kokkvoll is not like other youths of 17 years. This current school year, he has taken a year off from school to work as a handler for Sigrid Ekran. He has been awarded the TÆL(Guts) award, which you can read about in the archive:                                                                    "Junior musher Amund Kokkvoll  won the TÆL(Guts) award. " A dream came true when he crossed the finish line in Kjerkgata as the winner of the 2013 Junior Femund

- There were many thoughts through my mind when I crossed the finish line. It was good, and very emotionally. I had a plan to win Femund Junior, but I had not told anyone, says the fresh Norwegian champion in long distance mushing for juniors.

Amund started from Kjerkgata as number five, but quickly went into the lead. He was first in the trail almost all the way from Røros, but he was not sure of victory before he approached the goal. Gjermund Brennodden Budal who captured second place, breathed Amund down the neck all the way. Gjermund was five minutes after Amund from Tufsingdalen and only two minutes on stage to Tolga.

- I had a plan to take it easy from the start. Let the dogs go at the pace they wanted, and it worked well. On the second lap I was going to run on, but I didn’t not because it was so incredibly heavy. So I had to take it a bit easy. Before the last leg was Gjermund just three minutes after me, and he had run faster than me on the second lap. So I thought to run slowly uphill, so Gjermund could catch me. Then I would run behind him for a while and let the dogs get fired up, and then I would leave him at the end. But he never came. I understood that he would not overtake me, and set up the tempo. The snow drifted a lot, and I had to plow tracks. I decided to stay so far ahead of him as possible, so that he also had to plowed tracks. I increasedthe lead by 40 seconds down the hill from Skalet to Narbuvoll, according to a journalist, says Amund.

Amund ut fra start

Amund said he got some different information along the way. He recived phone calls that said he was two minutes ahead, by those that watched the GPS tracking, and he felt that Gjermund was very close.His dad and brother Andrew, seconded him by the road crossings, and could tell that he had a good head start. Amund knew he was going to win when he crossed the road at Røros.

- It was a successful race and a good race. Starting from Kjergata with lots of people lining the street was a blast, says Amund

There is no reason to doubt that its guts in this sympathetic boy from Røros, who turned 17 years January 29. The year as a handler at the Fram kennel he uses to gain experience and inspiration from the professional musher Sigrid Ekran. In the autumn Amund have plans to go to school, and hopefully buy his first puppies. He will start the Femund 400 to next year and hope to mush Sigrid Ekran  young dogs. The following year he will start the F600 program. Not enough with that. The boy has a long-term plan spanning ten years’ time.

- I want to run the Iditarod. But first I'll win Finnmarksløpet, says Amund.