Wingren first in Tolga

Author: Hilde Porsanger (transl. Anna Helena Stoller)     Photo: Marianne Elven     Publish date: 03.02.13 21:39

Ole Wingren was the first musher reaching Tolga on the F400 right after 4 pm on sunday afternoon. Tightly followed by Elisabeth Edland. Both of them had seven dogs in to Tolga.

Wingrens dog where looking fresh and fast when they were arriving in Tolga. Although the run from Tynset has been exhausting for both musher and dogs. - The trail was pretty soft and lead us through branches and rocks, Wingren says, looking tired and bit beaten. In his team he is running four young dogs who  have never done this before and he´s not sure yet if all of them are going to complete the course. - We'll have a rest and a look at the situation before we leave, he says.

As first team arriving in Tolga, Ole Wingren won a good dinner and as well as accommodation sponsered by checkpoint in Tolga. - Oh, that's so nice, maybe I can take a shower, smiles Wingren while preparing equipment for feeding the dogs.

Edland's encounter with tree stubs

Second team in Tolga was Elisabeth Edland, arriving three minutes after Wingren. Just as Wigren, Elisabeth has her opinion about the trail between Tynset and Tolga. - It´s a trail for those who are especially inetrested, she says, and describes it with a plenty of tree stubs, branches and similar obstacles. - I did crash with a stub on the way over to Tolga and had I been twice as heavy I would probably have broken the sled and more, says Elisabeth. Edland did check in with seven dogs in Tolga. Whether she will contine with all of them is still undecided. - Maybe I have to leave one behind, she adds.

Standing behind the sled Elisabeth has enough time to think about a wide variety of things. Among others about all the volunteers who keep on working all day long just so mushers like herself can run Femundløpet. Lots of them aren't even mushers themselves. She observerves great dedication and high spirits all along the trail. - There are fireplaces, lights, many smiling faces and lots of nice spectators and cross country skiers out there. I´m touched to have the opportunity to experience this, says Elisabeth.