Robert Sørlie resignes the podium

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst (transl. Anna Helena Stoller)     Photo: Finnmarksløpet / Geir Stian A. Larsen     Publish date: 03.02.13 19:21

Robert Sørlie was not in a hurry coming in Grimsbu. The gap between him and the three leader teams has been growing that big that he is not taking in account to catch up again.

- I´m not going to make it, then it doesn´t make any difference if I´m on the fourth or the fifth or the sixth position. Then rather I´m enjoying the last part of the race as a nice ride, says Robert while distribuing straw to the dogs. Hes is the first musher stopping at Grimsbu for a bit more then just a breath chat. Out of Grimsbu on sunday morning he was only 11 minutes behind Ralph Johannessen. On the second check in the time difference was allready grown to more then one hour. Right away he has no explenation why hes was not running faster around Folldal.

- The dogs are fine but it´s not going fast enough. I tried a bit of a diffrent training schedule but I can´t see why we are running that slow. Since he hit a tree with hes sledge on the way down to Grimsbu II it does´t look like this affects him neither in speeding or letting go thinking about podium placament than putting more wight on the benefit of the last stages.