Minute contending Folldal

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst (transl. Anna Helena Stoller)     Photo: Fredrik Ljone Holst     Publish date: 03.02.13 16:13

Ralph Johannessen is still leading after the run in Folldal. Followed with a small gap of a few minutes of Arnt Ola Skjerve and Sigrid Ekran.

Ralph´s run this year around Folldal and back to Grimsbu took him 5 hours 44 minutes. Arnt Ola Skjerve, he checked out on second position in Grimsbu1, was still holding second position on the way in again with a small catch up on Ralph. While Ralph is chatting in the checkpoint Arnt Ola is coming down the last hump and over the plain. None of both of them had plans to rest this time, and six minutes difference has been shrunken down to two minutes, when competeters where leaving towards tynset. Arnt Ola announced that he is not willing to be the second violine this year.

- I will pass him by, yes, was the short answer on the question about strategy. Ralph was bit more frugal and content himself with saying "the way to go is long". It was obviouse that he is not going to take a rest in Grimsbu but some where wondering if he is planing to run through Tynset as well.

- It leads us straight to Røros, was the replay. And more or less at the same moment the two men where leaving for Tynset, the "podium" in Grimsbu was completed. Sigrid Ekran brights up with her pink sled in a fast speading dogteam towards checkpoint. Aswell as the others Sigrid didn´t have any plans to rest in Folldal longer then needed; she left the checkpoint with a  diffrence of time of 13 minutes behind Ralph.