F400: Snack you later!

Author: Erlend Strand Rokseth (transl. Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Erlend Strand Rokseth     Publish date: 03.02.13 18:10

It could have been Elisabeth Edlans greetings to Ole Wingren when passing by each other on the way between the checkpoints in Tynset. For the records, it where Elisabeth´s dogs wich had to wait for their snack. It took an abrupt ending while Ola was flying in to the checkpoint just three minutes after Elisabeth.

Elisabeth Edland was the first musher in Tynset. Leaving Søvollen she had a gap of 27 minutes on Ole Wingren. Ole Wingren checks in in Tynset with a cutch up run of 24 minutes. It was surprising on Elisbeth Edland and she was not loosing any time to get herself and her team out of the checkpiont on the trail again.

- Absolutly easter

Her welcome on the check in was a new aword as first musher arriving. This year´s award is a exclusiv hunting license to shoot a reindeerbuck in the Forollhogna Nationalpark, sponsored by Tynset comunity. The commentator just had enough time to hand over the price to the happy but hasty Eland and tried to catch a short comment about her race so fare. - Nice trails, good sloaps, gorgeous weather, absolutly easter, am I allowed to race on?, was her entire comment.

After a turn in the checkpoint area she had to sign out while snacking her dogs. As she opens the bag with the snacks she sees Ole Wingren buzz by to sign in. The snacking bag was put away within a second and Elisabeth leaves the place.


Bad Poker?

Ole Wingren aswell was verry busy to leave the checkpoint in Tynset. He´s handler Ronny Wingren seems not to have a poker face. It was not hard to see that he assumed that this could go to the top.

– He is gonna chatch up on her, he is gonna win now. It is going to be an exciting race, is he smiling while hasting towards Tolga for beeing ther befor the mushers arrive. Both teams are running hard with 7 dogs and seem to be in same good condition. None of the teams makes the impression to stay on the checkpoint.

Eksklusiv talk

Elisabeth Edland took with her the second aword in this race. In Drevsjø she did win a gift card from Østlendingen (local newspaper). She is going to use the amount to buy booties. Wondering if she is going to make use of the reindeerbuck from Forollhøgda to snack her dogs...? We are rather expecting someting else.


Show up on the Tolga checkpoint!

Out of Tynset it will be a 2,4 mil run to Tolga where the mushers have a mendetory rest of 8 hours. There is waiting an other aword. A 3-course menu served by the mayor of Tolga community. Waiting in excitment for the soon arriving mushers wich just have to find their way to Tolga checkpoint.